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Monday, July 16, 2012

Inner Pilgrimage - Ten Days to a Mindful Me by Raji Lukkoor

Steeped in Books' "Always Honest Review" of Inner Pilgrimage

Though it appears at first to be a casual read, be prepared to learn some in-depth details about Vipassana, otherwise known as “insight meditation” according to the author.  Written in a casual style, these journal-like thirteen chapters take the reader along on a ten-day meditation retreat where silence is the rule and intense meditation is the day-long challenge.  Don’t let the chatty descriptions of the retreat facilities, the surrounding countryside, and breath-taking starry night sky fool you – this is a serious work.  By the end of chapter one the reader has already been introduced to many new terms used in the practice of Vipassana, terms that are used again throughout the book in ever more meaningful ways as the author details what happens to her physically, mentally and spiritually during this ten days of withdrawal from her every-day world. 
I was impressed with the author’s honesty.  She never avoided describing pains, discouragements and failures even as she shared the triumphs and the over-all beauty of the experience.  When she experienced disagreeable “sensations” generated by the meditation (which she bravely soldiered through), I had to admit to myself that the practice of Vipassana might not be for me.  I’m still hooked on the idea of that nice pleasant floating-type meditation experience that feels good all the time  - not dealing with karma and left-over baggage from old births and rebirths.  But maybe that’s why I remain mostly quite unenlightened.  

All joking aside, I enjoyed this book and recognize that the serious student of Vipassana would find much in here to help her along her path.

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