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Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Author Marsha Randolph

As part of the Orangeberry Book Tour, I'm very pleased to bring you an exciting author this week, who has some important words to speak to us.

Please welcome Marsha Randloph, author of The Truth About Vashtai.

Nothing in life happens by accident or coincidence.  My book “The Truth About Vashtai” was published October of 2010 and yet it was not until recently that it began to receive the recognition it deserved. There are those who could give me an extensive list of the things I should have done or did wrong as an explanation as to why my books are not on some best seller list somewhere; to those people I would respectfully disagree. Gods’ timing is always better than anything we could do ourselves.

This past year I have evolved in ways that could have only occurred after my first book was published. Years of people letting me know directly or indirectly what I was capable of put me in a box that could have limited my personal growth and development had I not pushed myself forward. The release of this book represents what happens when a person ignores the opinions of others and follows what he or she knows to be the truth.

It is my experience as well as the experiences of many people that I have met over the years that inspire what I write..  Though I am a firm believer in the words written in the bible many people I know have found help everywhere but within the Christian church. Combining my ability to teach and my love of writing I encourage personal bible study under the pseudonym M L Floyd.  I use a combination of common sense and biblical principles in the eBook “Moving Forward by Faith” and the upcoming ebook “Broke-en And Not A$hamed”.  Books written by M L Floyd reflect a more serious side of me.

As Marsha L. Randolph I utilize biblical characters to address various issues of today.  “The Truth About Vashtai” looks at the life of a mature divorced woman.  The last place many women go for support after divorce is the church; the first place many women go to is the bed of a man who she thought was good but ends up being all wrong. What I emphasize in my novels is how women overcome obstacles in life without destroying each other. My next novel “Ishmael’s Mother” examines the life of a woman who has a baby by a married man, biblically speaking it is the story of Hagar.

I am excited about the doors writing has opened up for me. I have been able to share with non-believers and believers alike the wonderful stories found within the pages of the bible. I am also privileged to be able to repeatedly instruct readers to read the bible for themselves, if I have a soap-box that is it.

My initial investment into publishing “The Truth About Vashtai” was $1,000, despite not being on any bestseller list and having only a few posted reviews I have recouped that initial investment plus.  Unlike many authors who have a large number of book sales at the time of their book launch my sales have been consistent with a slight bump four months after its’ debut. I attribute the bump to referrals which, in my opinion, is a lot better than having friends and family buy your book and then your sales flat-line.

There are quite a few things I did not do that the experts say I should have done yet had I followed the instructions my sales would have been limited to a target audience of black Christian women.  To date my book has been read by men as well as women of all ages, Christians, my Muslim neighbor, Hispanics, as well as people of color. “The Truth About Vashtai” was my first book and I was able to encourage and entertain myself and others while proving the nay-sayers wrong.  I have met quite a few writers I admire through Author Central on Facebook and The Orangeberry Group and I have been utilizing their wisdom as I move forward.

The Truth About Vashtai available on Amazon via The Orangeberry Group http://www.orangeberrybooks.com/#!__contemporary/marsha-randolph

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To request my reviewing your books contact me at:  nowayztired@gmail.com 

Thank you  Marsha

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"I want to commend Ms. Saunders for not sugarcoating the harsh reality of homelessness"  - Ro Goodman, author of Snow Escape

For me, the last few chapters of Home Street Home left me crying (literally!) at Ella’s final decision.  Nancy Cudis of Simple Clockwork blog

dear ms. saunders, i've just finished reading "home street home." you've written a wonderful book, gutsy and touching and reminding us that sometimes the human spirit is indomitable. just a terrific story. be proud, ma'am, be very proud. with all best wishes for future success, w. murphy