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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Author Barbara Ehrentreu

Welcome to Barbara Ehrentreu, author of If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor
Barbara, a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience lives with her family in Stamford, Connecticut. When she received her Masters degree she began writing seriously. If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara’s first YA novel,published by MuseItUp Publishing in September, was inspired by Paula Danziger. Barbara is a NY Literature Examiner for Examiner.com with several articles for them. Her blog, Barbara’s Meanderings, http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/, is networked on both Facebook and Blog Catalog. She hosts Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages on Blog Talk Radio every 4th Thursday. In addition, her children's story, “The Trouble with Follow the Leader” and an adult story, “Out on a Ledge” are published online She writes book reviews for Authorlink.com. and several of her reviews have been on Acewriters and Celebrity Café. She is a member of SCBWI. Writing is her life!

If I Could Be LIke Jennifer Taylor
Carolyn Samuels’ freshman year becomes a series of lies to cover Jennifer Taylor’s terrible secret in return for popularity.

Carolyn Samuels is obsessed with the idea of being popular. She is convinced that the only thing keeping her from happiness is her too heavy for fashion body and not being a cheerleader. Hyperventilating when she gets nervous doesn’t help. When she is paired for a Math project with the girl who tormented her in middle school, Jennifer Taylor, she is sure it is going to be another year of pain.With Carolyn’s crush on Jennifer’s hunky Junior quarterback Brad her freshman year in high school looks like a rerun of middle school. After Jennifer’s the only student who knows why she fell in gym class, Carolyn is blackmailed into doing her math homework in return for Jennifer’s silence. Jennifer takes on Carolyn as a pity project since she can’t be seen with someone who dresses in jeans and sweatshirts. When Jennifer invites Carolyn to sleep over to make her over and teach her to tumble, Carolyn learns Jennifer’s secret and lies to her own friends to cover it up. Will Carolyn become a cheerleader and become popular? Does she continue to keep Jennifer’s secret? Or will she be a target of this mean girl again?

Feeling my old hatred of gym, I glance across the locker room and see Jennifer in red designer shorts and a tight sleeveless shirt to match. She's standing in front of the only mirror in the room turning back and forth.
Becky and I slide into our loose camp shorts and a T-shirt, and once they're on, we race onto the gym floor. Always better to be early for gym the first day.  You never knew what kind of teacher you'd have. My athletic ability is zero, so I don’t take chances. Once I was a few minutes late, and the gym teacher in middle school made me run around the gym ten times. It took me the whole gym period.
Becky and I sit on the low seats in the bleachers, but Jennifer and her group saunter into the gym and choose the highest seats avoiding the rest of us. Miss Gaylon, the gym teacher introduces herself and gives us a few minutes until the last stragglers come from the locker room.  For those few minutes, I almost feel comfortable. My breathing returns to normal. I hear giggles from Jennifer and her group, but I ignore it.
"Maybe it won't be so bad this year, Carolyn." Becky always tries to cheer me up now. This wasn’t true a few years ago. I had to cheer her up a lot. Becky’s brothers are just turning five, and they’re both in kindergarten. Her mom remarried after being divorced for ten years. Becky was just getting used to her new stepfather when her mom got pregnant. I remember how miserable Becky was the first year of middle school when her mom spent so much time with her twin brothers and didn’t have enough time to help Becky with her homework. Luckily, Becky’s stepfather is a history teacher, so she got very interested in history and current events.
"Right, Becky, and maybe I'll learn to be a gymnast in ten minutes. Reality check, remember last year?"
"Okay, I'm hoping it won't be so bad."
"You mean like the dentist finding you only have one cavity and filling it the same day?"
"You’re so lame, Carolyn. Since we're all older, maybe she'll treat us differently. People change over the summer you know."
"Look at her, Becky."
Becky turns to look over at the group at the top of the bleachers and then turns back to look me in the eye. “You know you have to put that stupid day behind you.”
I pretend not to know what she’s talking about. “What stupid day?”
Like I don’t remember every detail.
“The zip line day.”
“Oh, that day,” I say with a combination grimace and smile. “The day I wound up having to climb off the platform. I wanted to bore a hole into the ground so I wouldn’t have to walk past them but couldn’t, and everyone screamed at me: ‘Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.’”
“You have to admit it was funny the way the gym teacher ran up the ladder like a squirrel to rescue you. Everyone laughed at how stupid she looked. Jennifer got the whole class going with that ridiculous ‘breathe, Carolyn, breathe.’” Becky looks behind her to Jennifer. “You know I wanted to run over and punch her, but I couldn’t because I was still on the platform, and it was my turn to go.”
“Yeah, if I had a few more minutes, I would have been able to get up the courage to grip the zip line and hook myself to it. Stupid teacher didn’t give me a chance. This not breathing thing when I get nervous really sucks.”
Becky nods because she knows me so well.
“So then Jennifer started with that horrible chant, and of course, the whole class followed her, like always.” My eyes fill with tears as I remember, and my breathing is getting worse by the minute.
“I thought it was a dumb idea to do ropes course stuff in school. We did it at my camp the summer before, and no one was forced to do it. Anyone could get nervous with Jennifer in front of them,” Becky comforts me.
I continue talking as if I’m in a trance. “Remember how last year whenever I ran into Jennifer she would whisper ‘breathe, Carolyn, breathe,’ so no one could hear it except me. Once she did it just before I had to go up in front of the class in math.   Sometimes she would do it in front of everyone and, of course, get a big laugh while I wanted to turn into a piece of furniture.”
Becky grabs my arm.  “Do we have to go back over this again? You need to forget about it.” She takes her hand away from my arm as I continue to speak.
“Becky, I can’t. The thing is it’s this bad movie in my brain looping the same horrible scenes. The funny thing is, most of the time, she would ignore me. I would never know what she was going to do. You have to admire someone so single-minded she managed to get to me at just the right time.
You remember don’t you? And today did you see how she wore the same outfit as me? It’s spooky.”
My funny breathing returns as Miss Gaylon tells us to line up on the yellow line alphabetically. I hope there will be someone to go between Jennifer and me. No luck. Jennifer is going to be behind me all year. I hold my breath. I couldn't stand more of the same this year. I pray for the day to end soon. A glance at my new watch shows me fifteen more minutes left of the period. Is Miss Gaylon's voice getting lower?  What is that pounding in my ears?
Jennifer turns to face me, and I hear, "Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Then my world turns black.

Interview with Carolyn Samuels 
from If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor

Today my guest is a girl who has suddenly been thrust into the media. Recently she gave a talk on Karen’s Romance and now she is a featured guest on this blog. How is it affecting this young girl who has graciously agreed to talk about the events of her freshman year in high school.  Since Carolyn was a little nervous about her first big interview she asked the author of her story, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara Ehrentreu, to interview her.

Welcome to both of you, Barbara and Carolyn.

A pleasure to be here, Georgia.  (Carolyn is silently smiling shyly)

Barbara, please ask your first question.

Carolyn, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

There’s not much to tell. I live in Mill Valley, which is in Westchester, NY and I attend Mill Valley High School. My best friends are Becky and Janie and I love Math. Oh, yeah, I have a Newfoundland dog named Max and my favorite cookie is chocolate chocolate chip homemade by my mom. My mom works for an ad agency in the city. That’s what New Yorkers called New York City. My dad is a criminal lawyer. I’m an only child, but you couldn’t ask for better parents. Except they don’t pay much attention to me.

On the surface it looks like you have a great life. Why, then did you come to me one day crying and telling me you hated Jennifer Taylor and she made your life miserable? Who is Jennifer Taylor and why do you hate her?

Jennifer Taylor has made my life a living nightmare since middle school. I call her Miss Perfect, because she is a size two and her father owns half the town. She’s on the path to be an Olympic gymnast so she’s excellent in gym. Jennifer is the most popular girl in the freshman class. I think she knows everyone in the class. And to top it all off she has this hot boyfriend, Brad, who is a Junior and the quarterback for our football team. He’s so amazing and I don’t think she deserves to be with him. Okay, maybe I have a crush on Brad myself.

What happened last year on the first day of school?

I’m not sure I can talk about this, because it brings back awful memories. Do you want me to go all the way back to the rope line incident? I mean that’s what started all this.

Yes, tell us as much as you can. 

Well, I got up on the first day of school after having this incredible dream where I was popular and a cheerleader and my boyfriend fed me a piece of chocolate cake because I was thin and blonde and didn’t gain weight. Of course the truth is I am a little overweight and my hair is dark brown and hangs like shriveled spaghetti. But still this was a great dream, wouldn’t you agree? I wanted to stay in bed, because when my alarm rang I realized I might run into Jennifer Taylor.  

You see I hate her and I also want to be like her. It’s awful and here’s how it started. When I was in seventh grade we did the ropes course. One part of it , the zip line, required you to climb up to this platform and you were given a harness. When you got up there you had to clasp yourself to the line and then you could slide down. A few people went in front of me and then of course, Jennifer did it perfectly. When my turn came I froze. Then I started breathing funny, because I have this thing. I hyperventilate when I’m nervous and that day I started turning blue. If I can’t start breathing I can faint. I started feeling dizzy and couldn’t clasp myself onto the zip line. Jennifer was on the ground and saw me. The teacher saw me too and raced up the ladder to the platform. She said to me, “Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Then Jennifer started saying too and soon all the kids who had been on the line echoed her. As I came down the ladder I wanted a big hole to open up and swallow me. So then Jennifer started bothering me at odd times every day. She’d sneak up and say “Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Or she would whisper it in class when I had to go up to the board. We were in Math class together and I started to dread it. So when I was in her Math class again and the teacher put us together as partners I didn’t know how I could stand it. 

What happened?

Well the first day of school after being pushed together with her for a Math project I was put in front of her in line for gym. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I didn’t want to be anywhere near Jennifer and I started hyperventilating until I fainted. I guess that’s when I got connected to Jennifer in a much more serious way.

Oh, my goodness, your story has more to it?

Oh yes, I learned way too much about Jennifer and wound up holding her secrets until the end of the year. I mean, I did meet Brad and well, I don’t think I can say anymore. This is all really painful to talk about, you know?

Yes, Carolyn and thank you for telling us a little bit about your story. I guess if you want to learn more about what happened that year you will have to read the book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor available from MuseItUp Publishing as a cool e-book or you can get it for your Nook too. 

Thank you, Georgia for hosting us today. 

My pleasure, Barbara

Yes, thank you . Georgia. This was my first blog interview and thank you Barbara for helping me through it.

My pleasure, Carolyn. I know talking about these things is hard for you, but you did very well.  

Find If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor as either an ebook or a paperback here:


Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest Author Collette Scott, Author of If We Dare to Dream

If We Dare to Dream is captivating! Collette Scott delivers an emotional roller coaster ride of love, anger, guilt and suspense…. Addictive to the very end!”

- KC Stone, author of Replaced by a Stranger.

“Wow! I have to say after reading Forever Sunshine I didn't think I would read a book as well written as that again. Collette has done it again!... Collette writes so well that you can visualise what is happening in your head, as though seeing the action on TV or in a film, but better! I feel so privileged at being allowed to read this book before it has even officially been published.”

- Jeanzbookreadnreview.blogspot.com

Meet the Evans family:

A family torn apart by war and misfortune meets a family held together by the bonds of love.

Two families entwine after one fateful night changes their lives forever. Andrew Sheehan, former elite soldier, returns home from war and is suddenly accused of murder. Only Jamie Evans can prove his innocence.

What would you do?

A single meeting, the memory of one night, holds the key to a murder. If Jamie is correct, she gives a hero back his life. If she is wrong, she risks freeing a murderer from prison. Trusting her instincts, Jamie puts her life on hold and strives to free Andrew despite her family’s misgivings. Determined to do what is right, she vows to help him get his life back on track.

Andrew, feeling betrayed by the country he nearly died protecting, fights the demons he carries in an effort to make things work with Jamie and repair the fractured relationship with his brother Adam, who bears his own battle scars.

Dare he dream?

With Jamie and her family’s help, Andrew begins to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Realizing that there is more to life than bitterness and resentment, he starts over again determined to make the best of his experiences. But the killer is still out there, and Andrew soon finds that he is haunting him still.

About the Author
Always composing stories in her head, Collette began her first novel at the age of eight. Since then, she has obtained her bachelor’s degree in English literature and master’s degree in education while squeezing in her writing whenever she can. If We Dare to Dream is Collette’s third novel and the beginning of the highly anticipated Evans family series. The New England native now resides in Arizona with her husband, three children and multiple family pets.

For more information visit: http://www.collettescott.com
Collette’s blog: http://collettescott.blogspot.com
Facebook page: ColletteScott

In case you missed any of Collette Scott's stops on the Orangeberry Book Tour, here are some of her more important interviews.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Author Marsha Randolph

As part of the Orangeberry Book Tour, I'm very pleased to bring you an exciting author this week, who has some important words to speak to us.

Please welcome Marsha Randloph, author of The Truth About Vashtai.

Nothing in life happens by accident or coincidence.  My book “The Truth About Vashtai” was published October of 2010 and yet it was not until recently that it began to receive the recognition it deserved. There are those who could give me an extensive list of the things I should have done or did wrong as an explanation as to why my books are not on some best seller list somewhere; to those people I would respectfully disagree. Gods’ timing is always better than anything we could do ourselves.

This past year I have evolved in ways that could have only occurred after my first book was published. Years of people letting me know directly or indirectly what I was capable of put me in a box that could have limited my personal growth and development had I not pushed myself forward. The release of this book represents what happens when a person ignores the opinions of others and follows what he or she knows to be the truth.

It is my experience as well as the experiences of many people that I have met over the years that inspire what I write..  Though I am a firm believer in the words written in the bible many people I know have found help everywhere but within the Christian church. Combining my ability to teach and my love of writing I encourage personal bible study under the pseudonym M L Floyd.  I use a combination of common sense and biblical principles in the eBook “Moving Forward by Faith” and the upcoming ebook “Broke-en And Not A$hamed”.  Books written by M L Floyd reflect a more serious side of me.

As Marsha L. Randolph I utilize biblical characters to address various issues of today.  “The Truth About Vashtai” looks at the life of a mature divorced woman.  The last place many women go for support after divorce is the church; the first place many women go to is the bed of a man who she thought was good but ends up being all wrong. What I emphasize in my novels is how women overcome obstacles in life without destroying each other. My next novel “Ishmael’s Mother” examines the life of a woman who has a baby by a married man, biblically speaking it is the story of Hagar.

I am excited about the doors writing has opened up for me. I have been able to share with non-believers and believers alike the wonderful stories found within the pages of the bible. I am also privileged to be able to repeatedly instruct readers to read the bible for themselves, if I have a soap-box that is it.

My initial investment into publishing “The Truth About Vashtai” was $1,000, despite not being on any bestseller list and having only a few posted reviews I have recouped that initial investment plus.  Unlike many authors who have a large number of book sales at the time of their book launch my sales have been consistent with a slight bump four months after its’ debut. I attribute the bump to referrals which, in my opinion, is a lot better than having friends and family buy your book and then your sales flat-line.

There are quite a few things I did not do that the experts say I should have done yet had I followed the instructions my sales would have been limited to a target audience of black Christian women.  To date my book has been read by men as well as women of all ages, Christians, my Muslim neighbor, Hispanics, as well as people of color. “The Truth About Vashtai” was my first book and I was able to encourage and entertain myself and others while proving the nay-sayers wrong.  I have met quite a few writers I admire through Author Central on Facebook and The Orangeberry Group and I have been utilizing their wisdom as I move forward.

The Truth About Vashtai available on Amazon via The Orangeberry Group http://www.orangeberrybooks.com/#!__contemporary/marsha-randolph

I have several websites: For book reviews, author interviews and more  visit: www.marsharandolph.wordpress.com 
For political commentary visit: www.nowayztired.blogspot.com
For Christian Thought visit: www.nwt3.blogspot.com

To request my reviewing your books contact me at:  nowayztired@gmail.com 

Thank you  Marsha

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Intoxicated By Books

to all Blog Hoppers
of the 12 Days of Christmas 
Give - Away

I suggest you choose "Street Life" from the play list to go with this post.
Steeped In Books is offering one signed print copy of Home Street Home - The Virginia Beach Chronicles.

"Georgia Saunders puts a face on homelessness, and it is OUR face." - Ginny Sorrell of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach. 

"I want to commend Ms. Saunders for not sugarcoating the harsh reality of homelessness"  - Ro Goodman, author of Snow Escape

For me, the last few chapters of Home Street Home left me crying (literally!) at Ella’s final decision.  Nancy Cudis of Simple Clockwork blog

dear ms. saunders, i've just finished reading "home street home." you've written a wonderful book, gutsy and touching and reminding us that sometimes the human spirit is indomitable. just a terrific story. be proud, ma'am, be very proud. with all best wishes for future success, w. murphy

Friday, December 9, 2011


Q: Keeping with the Spirit of Giving this season, what book do you think EVERYONE should read and if you could, you would buy it for all of your family and friends?
A: At the risk of sounding boastful, I would have to choose my own book, Home Street Home - The Virginia Beach Chronicles. I think everyone, especially at this season of excess materialism, should be aware of what goes on with the people living on the margins in the streets. One of my fans said it best when she said, "Georgia Saunders has put a face on homelessness, and it is OUR face." That is the gift I would like to give everyone this season as more and more people face the horrible spectre of homelessness.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review of Dr. Niamh Clune's Orange Petals in a Storm

Hmm…Now I know where the name Orangeberry comes from.  Oh, I’m not going to tell youYou’ll have to hop over to Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon Print Copy or Amazon UK and order this marvelous read for yourself. Suffice it to say that Orangeberries are quite magical and when processed just right, help give the delightful Skyla McFee her extraordinary gifts to impact an old plague on humanity  - bullying.

And it takes magic to get Skyla out of the terrible conundrum she finds herself in, living with a cruel narcissistic stepfather who is after her deceased mother’s fortune, the “Gram” from hell who is the brains behind Skyla’s abuse, and two nasty step-sisters even Cinderella would have found a tad too much to bear.

Yes, it’s an old theme at its base – one that seems to be prevalent in many European faery tales and novels: the wicked step-parent, the malevolent step-siblings, the orphaned child abused after the decease of its almost sainted parent and, of course, the huge fortune at stake.  The popularity of such a set-up speaks volumes about the culture that produced it.  But that cultural discussion has already been covered very well in several of the interviews Dr. Niamh Clune has given on the Orangeberry Book Tour.  (See the links below if you missed any of those interviews).

What’s new here?  This time the ancient theme is used as a base metal setting for a multifaceted gem of a story.  Skyla’s escape from her torturers doesn’t come with going to the attic and talking to the birds who whip her up a ball gown to meet her rich prince.  Enough with that old tale – modern women know what that 
prince-in-shining-armor stuff is all about.  Cinderella probably ended up bullied again by her new in-laws. (Oh, shades of Dianna)  Skyla moves us instead into a brilliant world of fantastic imagery, where a new path to resolution of a very old problem is concocted in the crucibles of magical incantation.  You’ll enjoy this delightfully imaginative journey into possibilities for a better world right here on the earthly walk.  It’s a faery tale with a modern outcome.

You’re likely to come away with a new sense of hope for our weary species.  Could we ever stop the chain of domination and bullying that is literally destroying our world?  And has the answer been awaiting us inside all along?  This mystical read will have you asking questions – and that’s always the sign of a good book.

As one of the new authors on the Orangeberry Book Tour, I’m just hoping the Orangeberries will work their magic as well for us and our budding careers.  Thank you, Dr. Niamh Clune, for a wonderful story and your spirit of paying forward that has been contagious on this tour. 
Now, please join me in welcoming Dr. Niamh Clune, who stopped by for a little visit.

I'm happy to be here with you and your readers today, Georgia 

You are a Ph.D.  Could you tell us, please, what your field of specialty is?

My Ph.D is in Acquiring Wisdom through the Imagination. It is a creative synthesis of Philosophy, The Ancient Wisdom teachings and Jungian Psychology. I wanted to show how Psyche functions at much deeper levels than had been previously shown. 
Carl Jung 1875-1961

Jung spoke of archetypes, but he usually described only mythic ones, those underlying cultural patterns and themes such as Mother, Trickster, Fool, and Hero etc. In my work with hundreds of people over many years of practice, I discovered a core level of psychic functioning that is inherent, that is in itself of noumenal reality. By noumenal, I mean transcendent, or spiritual.

Immanuel Kant 1724-1804
According to philosophers such as Kant, noumenal reality cannot be known, not even that it exists.  I wanted to show that though science cannot test measure or verify noumenal reality; at least, it can attempt an understanding. I used doctoral research to show how those deepest undercurrents and psychic themes break through into people’s personal lives and stories. Some find themselves living out a myth. By myth, I do not mean falsehood. I mean a mythological, transcendent journey that is extra-ordinary.

Some also have deeply mystical experiences that are encounters with what can only be described as being in the ‘presence’ of the numinous. We are modern-day prophets and mystics that live beyond the limits of doctrine or religion. We experience the Divinity within - the light that guides and informs us and speaks of archetypal ideas, or the underlying patterns of creation itself. We are visionaries, ‘seeing’ into that ‘otherworldly’ beauty. There is, of course, a price to pay, which I won’t go into now.

My Ph.D was a huge undertaking. It was groundbreaking in terms of research into spirituality and mysticism. I might publish it in a simplified form one day for the philosophers among us.

I certainly hope you will publish your research in a simplified form.  I’m sure many would like to read that.  What inspired you to study that subject to the Ph.D level?

In my younger days, I was a gifted healer. I made it my business to make a study of the Ancient Wisdom teachings including a study of Sanskrit terminology and importance of root derivations of Words. I became disillusioned with the so-called New Age, (which is where I became pigeonholed because of my ‘gifts.’) This was never a comfortable fit. I was a round peg in a square hole. I railed at how the ancient teachings and the exquisite philosophy upon which they were based was being commercialized, made palatable, divorced from its root and re-packaged into sexy little ‘spiritual’ clichés.  Those wanting to sell angels and all manner of superficial, misunderstood, spiritual teachings dished them up, the fluffier the better, at a time when the world was searching for, and in need of Truth, Meaning and Change.

I divorced myself from all it stood for. I gave up my work as a healer and teacher, as I found that those beginning their healing journeys came already re-conditioned. Most were spiritual workshop junkies, buying yet more straws cast to the drowning; sold yet more un-thought-through, flimsy belief systems. They were unwilling to undergo initiation into the ancient mysteries contained within the trans-personal psyche. Undoing someone else’s conditioning is like taking candy from a baby. No one can undo the conditioning of another – or magic up an authentic experience on demand. The skilled can guide, and know what waits to be discovered - know the true from the false. Jung declared that a therapist could only take someone as far as s/he had gone. However, most would not want to sojourn in the underworld, learn its secrets and find their way out again. It really is an initiation – dying to be reborn into the life of spirit – the inner crucifixion.  Each must discover the truth of their being for themselves.

I didn’t think it my place to strip away conditioning to reveal what is essential and authentic in another. I can guide them to it; I can facilitate wonderful experiences, but I can’t make a person pay heed. The New Age became littered with therapists and spiritual teachers vying to hold sway over the psyches of others. I met so many wanna-be healers that were seriously screwed up - driven by a deep-down sense of personal inadequacy. They needed power. Their egos were fragmented, disintegrated, and instead of ‘owning’ or confronting such shadow stuff, they covered it over with transcendental elegance promoting a kind of psychic congestion that was positively dangerous. 

 So many vulnerable people were being misled by glamorous gurus and new hierarchical dogmas based only on assumption. It seemed just as bad as the old religions to me, and just as fallacious. Anyone could claim ANYTHING! I gave up my teaching practice and hid my ability. The world has always treated true mystics and prophets the same way…You cannot sell spirituality, or teach it to another. The truly enlightened do not need to speak of it. They have discovered the purity of Self, which might never be tarnished, polluted or corrupted by anything life casts up. In them, the awakened heart is alive to the suffering of the planet whilst not shrinking from the knowledge of shadow. That is why, I decided to write simple stories about a child who is pure in heart in a modern faery-tale format. It is magic realism…harshness is interlaced with beauty, ordinariness with the supernatural – the existence of which, is never questioned. My heroine shines her light on the world and makes it a better place.

Thank you for helping to separate the real mysticism from the for- profit snake oil variety  What do you see as the highest purpose of mysticism today?

Just to participate in the beauty of the day, to exalt the beauty in each other and demonstrate humility and generosity of spirit. Those who manage that, even for a split second of the day, are in touch with the Divinity within. They are souls incarnate. And goodness knows, the world needs soul.

I don’t think anyone is going to argue with that assessment.

Thank you, Dr. Clune, for giving our readers the benefit of your accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

My pleasure, Georgia

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