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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Q: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

GEORGIA'S ANSWER: I have a few unread e-books on my computer(4), some of which I will be reading this month to post reviews. Does that count? Nothing unread on my shelves. I usually get my books from the library, read them and return. Right now, I am caught up.

Here's a book that needs to be on your 2012 TBR
As the economy worsens there are many new people falling into homelessness from the middle class.  These people are the most unprepared for what they will find in the streets and therefore the most likely to be victimized.  Follow the journey of Ella, homeless only 6 months, as she learns the sometimes vicious ways of the street.  How Would YOU Fare in the Streets?  Don't Make the Mistakes Ella Made.
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I suggest you choose "Street Life" from the play list to go with this post. 

"Georgia Saunders puts a face on homelessness, and it is OUR face." - Ginny Sorrell of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach. 

"I want to commend Ms. Saunders for not sugarcoating the harsh reality of homelessness"  - Ro Goodman, author of Snow Escape

For me, the last few chapters of Home Street Home left me crying (literally!) at Ella’s final decision.  Nancy Cudis of Simple Clockwork blog

dear ms. saunders, i've just finished reading "home street home." you've written a wonderful book, gutsy and touching and reminding us that sometimes the human spirit is indomitable. just a terrific story. be proud, ma'am, be very proud. with all best wishes for future success, w. murphy