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Monday, May 21, 2012

Self as Child

 http://www.wix.com/niamhclune/youth-tube1  Introducing Youth Tube in honor of which I am posting this little childhood story.
 Hiding in the closet exploring Grandma's trunk was a sublime pleasure.  My little brother dug through the treasures with me and we tried to keep the giggling down so we wouldn't get caught looting.  An old time picture viewer had us puzzled at first but we figured it out.  Was this how people amused themselves before movies came along?  Just boring pictures of Niagra Falls with a bunch of people dressed funny, all the ladies carrying a load on their butts. (Grandma later told me those were called bustles).  A handsome gem from an old-fashioned costume jewelry collection seemed to have come from Ali Baba's very cave. It sparkled purple under the dim light bulb.  All it needed was a chain to become a body ornament extraordinaire. 

      "Cheezit!  Someone's coming.  Hide under that pile of clothes!"  I whisper loudly.

      "Are you little divilskins in that closet again?"  We hear Grandma's voice.

      We are silent under piles of forgotten last century finery as she steps in and turns out the light.

       Later we emerge with a gift for her - a rare purple jewel tied on a string.  She wants to be angry because we've been rummaging through the closet again.  But how can she be mad when we gave her such a beautiful gift from the cave of thieves?  

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